Due to an error the male student Kagami Yuuki is registered for a room in the girls dormitory of his new co-ed high school. Since no male rooms are available he is left with no other option than to sleep in the girls dormitory in the same room as the teacher that made the mistak in the first place, Ayane-sensei. To avoid getting kicked out of the school for being a boy in a girls dormitory he has to cross-dress whenever he is leaving his room. Needless to say that this brings him a lot of trouble.

  • Original title: 朝まで授業chu!
  • Release date: June 23, 2012
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Animation, Comedy
  • Runtime: 0h 25min
  • Producers: GoHands and Media Factory


Asami Shimoda Photo
Asami Shimoda

Yuki Kagami

Akiko Toda Photo
Akiko Toda


Azumi Asakura Photo
Azumi Asakura

Ayana Kakinozaka

Suzuko Mimori Photo
Suzuko Mimori

Risa Takabane (voice)

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