In 2004, Gregory Lemarchal won the Star Academy live in front of more than ten million people who communicate with him on his an incurable disease, cystic fibrosis.

  • Original title: Pourquoi je vis
  • Release date: Sept. 1, 2020
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: TV Movie, Music, Drama
  • Runtime: 1h 35min
  • Producers: TF1 Production and Telfrance


Arnaud Ducret Photo
Arnaud Ducret

Pierre Lemarchal

Odile Vuillemin Photo
Odile Vuillemin

Laurence Lemarchal

Mickaël Lumière Photo
Mickaël Lumière

Grégory Lemarchal

Lou Gala Photo
Lou Gala

Leslie Lemarchal

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