The Military Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty (1957) Poster

The Military Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty (1957)

Directed by Kyōtarō Namiki.
Starring Shoji Nakayama, Shigeru Amachi, Hiroshi Ayukawa and Masaru Kodaka.


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The year is 1937, and it has been six months since the Sendai Infantry left for Manchuria. The rotted corpse of a young woman is found at the bottom of a well, but her face and limbs are gone. The military police begin an investigation and search fervently for the person responsible, but they can't even determine the victim's identity, much less find any clues. However, the incident is made public when newspapers give wide coverage to the story, so Staff Sergeant Kosaka is dispatched from Tokyo to solve the case. Eventually, General Tsunekichi is taken into custody by local infantrymen because of the testimony of another unit, but the spirit of the dead woman appears before Staff Sergeant Kosaka, who continues to investigate on his own...

  • Original title: 憲兵とバラバラ死美人
  • Release date: Aug. 6, 1957
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Mystery
  • Runtime: 1h 13min
  • Producers: Shintoho Company


Shoji Nakayama Photo
Shoji Nakayama

Tokusuke Kosaka

Shigeru Amachi Photo
Shigeru Amachi

Staff Sergeant Tsuneyoshi

Hiroshi Ayukawa Photo
Hiroshi Ayukawa

Tadayoshi Takayama

Masaru Kodaka Photo
Masaru Kodaka

MP Corporal Karita

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