The story of three consenting adults in the privacy of their own home.


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When June Buckridge arrives at her London flat and announces 'They are going to murder me', her long-time lover and doll-cuddling flat mate Alice 'Childie' McNaught realizes that things are going to change. For June is referring to her character 'Sister George', a lovable nurse she portrays in a popular daytime serial. To make matters worse, the widowed executive at the BBC responsible for the decision to kill off Sister George - Mercy Croft is also a predatory lesbian who is after Childie and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.


Beryl Reid Photo
Beryl Reid

June 'George' Buckridge

Susannah York Photo
Susannah York

Alice 'Childie' McNaught

Coral Browne Photo
Coral Browne

Mercy Croft

Ronald Fraser Photo
Ronald Fraser

Leo Lockhart

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