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A batch of monsters are shrunken to pocket size by a freak accident. A horror author's daughter finds the good monsters, and together, they battle the puny bad monsters, who have learned to grow temporarily when they hear a movie monster actress's scream.

  • Original title: Monster in My Pocket: The Big Scream
  • Release date: Oct. 31, 1992
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Animation, Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
  • Runtime: 0h 23min
  • Producers: N/A


Marvin Kaplan Photo
Marvin Kaplan

Vampire (voice)

Rob Paulsen Photo
Rob Paulsen

Jerk at Drive-In (voice)

Stuart K. Robinson Photo
Stuart K. Robinson

Wolf Man (voice)

Dina Sherman Photo
Dina Sherman

Carrie Raven (voice)

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