Song Hae 1927 (2021) Poster

Song Hae 1927 (2021)

Directed by Jéro Yun.
Starring Song Hae.


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Song Hae 1927 is a documentary about the character all Koreans know. Song Hae is the oldest active celebrity at 94 and the longest-running host of the ‘National Singing Contest.’ He has been a singer, comedian, actor, and radio DJ, but never a star. Song Hae 1927 shows a backstage face we’ve never seen. His closed eyes and serious look seem like a good place to hide sadness and pain. Song Hae is a man of few words. To the death of his wife, he only said, ‘I wish I had had a chance to say goodbye to him.’

  • Original title: 송해 1927
  • Release date: Nov. 18, 2021
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Documentary
  • Runtime: 1h 21min
  • Producers: YROTS


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