The title says it all. There's a mix up involving stolen diamonds which Ernest has (naturally) made into a yo-yo and given to his would be girlfriend, Rene. But Rene wants a man of action, and doesn't think that Ernest fits the bill. After the bad guys come looking for the stolen diamonds and kidnap Rene, all of her fantasies come true as Ernest has to go to Africa to rescue her.

  • Original title: Ernest Goes to Africa
  • Release date: June 27, 1997
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Comedy, Family
  • Runtime: 1h 30min
  • Producers: Emshell Producers


Jim Varney Photo
Jim Varney

Ernest P. Worrell

Linda Kash Photo
Linda Kash

Rene Loomis

Jamie Bartlett Photo
Jamie Bartlett

Mr. Thompson

Claire Marshall Photo
Claire Marshall

Betty, Rene's serving mate

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