Onimasa is the egocentric boss of a small yakuza clan on Shikoku Island, whose criminal duties conflict with his self-image as a chivalrous samurai. His struggles with his boss, the Shikoku Godfather, and the tumultuous life of his adopted daughter, Matsue, form the backdrop of this epic tale of justice, obedience, and bloody vengeance.

  • Original title: 鬼龍院花子の生涯
  • Release date: June 5, 1982
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Runtime: 2h 26min
  • Producers: Toei Company


Tatsuya Nakadai Photo
Tatsuya Nakadai

Masagoro Kiryuin - Onimasa

Masako Natsume Photo
Masako Natsume

Matsue Kiryûin

Shima Iwashita Photo
Shima Iwashita

Uta Kiryûin

Tetsurō Tamba Photo
Tetsurō Tamba

Uichi Suda, The Big Boss

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