The hero, Prince Siegfried, is out riding one day with his friends when he spies amidst swans on a lake a particularly eye-catching one with a crown on its head, the familiar Princess ...

  • Original title: 世界名作童話 白鳥の湖
  • Release date: March 13, 1981
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
  • Runtime: 1h 15min
  • Producers: Toei Animation and Soyuzmultfilm


Tarō Shigaki Photo
Tarō Shigaki

Prince Siegfried (voice)

Keiko Takeshita Photo
Keiko Takeshita

Princess Odette (voice)

Asao Koike Photo
Asao Koike

Rothbart (voice)

Yôko Asagami Photo
Yôko Asagami

Odille (voice)

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