When a tycoon passes away, he unexpectedly leaves the family fortune to outsider Tamayo on the condition that she marries one of the grandsons, pitting blood against blood.

  • Original title: 犬神家の一族
  • Release date: Oct. 16, 1976
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Horror, Mystery
  • Runtime: 2h 26min
  • Producers: Haruki Kadokawa Films


Kôji Ishizaka Photo
Kôji Ishizaka

Kousuke Kindaichi

Yoko Shimada Photo
Yoko Shimada

Tamayo Nonomiya

Teruhiko Aoi Photo
Teruhiko Aoi

Sukekiyo Inugami

Mieko Takamine Photo
Mieko Takamine

Matsuko Inugami

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