Two sisters, one a dancer and the other a script supervisor at a big movie studio, become embroiled in union activities when a strike is called in sympathy with striking railroad workers, one of whom boards with the sisters and their parents. The girls' father argues with them about their strike, but finds his views changing when he himself loses his job.

  • Original title: 明日を創る人々
  • Release date: May 2, 1946
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Drama
  • Runtime: 1h 22min
  • Producers: Toho Company, Ltd.


Chieko Nakakita Photo
Chieko Nakakita

Yoshiko Okamoto, Elder Sister

Mitsue Tachibana Photo
Mitsue Tachibana

Aiko Okamoto, Younger sister

Itoko Kôno Photo
Itoko Kôno

Fumie, Actress

Yuriko Hamada Photo
Yuriko Hamada

Tokiko, Second Dancing Girl

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