In the year 50 BC, Gaul is occupied by the Romans - nearly. But the small village of Asterix and his friends still resists the Roman legions with the aid of their druid's magic potion, which gives superhuman strength. Learning of this potion, a Roman centurion kidnaps the druid to get the secret formula out of him.

  • Original title: Astérix le Gaulois
  • Release date: Dec. 20, 1967
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Family, Animation, Adventure, Comedy
  • Runtime: 1h 8min
  • Producers: Dargaud Films and Belvision


Roger Carel Photo
Roger Carel

Astérix (voice)

Jacques Morel Photo
Jacques Morel

Obélix (voice)

Jacques Jouanneau Photo
Jacques Jouanneau

Assurancetourix (voice)

Pierre Tornade Photo
Pierre Tornade

Abraracourcix (voice)

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