The illiterate General of Canton, General So, advocates a lazy, happy lifestyle of sex and money. His spoiled and also illiterate son, Chan (Stephen Chow), is his most faithful disciple. For the love of a woman, Chan attends the national exams for Martial Arts Scholar in Peking. Chan is victorious on the physical test, but before he is to be crowned, he is found to have cheated on the written exam. The Emperor sentences Chan to be a beggar. Initially Chan is unable cope with his new role, but with some mystic help, he takes on the position as King of the Beggars Association. Leading this motley crew into battle against an evil warlord in the Emperor's entourage, Chan rescues the Emperor, and gains respect for the beggars.

  • Original title: 武狀元蘇乞兒
  • Release date: Dec. 17, 1992
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Producers: Win's Movie Productions Ltd.


Stephen Chow Photo
Stephen Chow

So Cha Ha Yee Chan / Tsan, So Hat Ngai

Sharla Cheung Photo
Sharla Cheung

Yushang / Ru Shuang

Ng Man-Tat Photo
Ng Man-Tat

General Su of Guangzhou

Vindy Chan Photo
Vindy Chan

Tracy / Ru Shuang's sister

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