The Stage Is Set... And The Dinner Is Served.


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All hell breaks loose when a giant grizzly, reacting to the slaughter of her cubs by poachers, attacks a massive rock concert in the National Park. [This sequel to "Grizzly" (1976) was left unfinished after production wrapped prematurely in 1983, and was not officially released until 2020, though a bootleg workprint version had been in circulation for some years prior to this.]

  • Original title: Grizzly II: Revenge
  • Release date: Feb. 17, 2020
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Horror, Music, Thriller
  • Runtime: 1h 14min
  • Producers: Harlequin Pictures


Deborah Raffin Photo
Deborah Raffin

Samantha Owens: Bear Specialist

John Rhys-Davies Photo
John Rhys-Davies

Bouchard: Big Game Hunter

Louise Fletcher Photo
Louise Fletcher

Eileene Draygon: Park Supervisor

Deborah Foreman Photo
Deborah Foreman

Chrissy Hollister: Park Ranger's Daughter

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