Be careful what you wish for.


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Meet Spot, a clever little dog with big dreams of becoming a real boy. When Spot finds out that a crazy scientist can make his wish come true, he takes a cross-country trek with Leonard, his best friend and master, and their mom. However, Dr. Krank's experiments are a little less than perfect, and it will take Leonard and his pet pals to right this genetic wrong.


Nathan Lane Photo
Nathan Lane

Spot Helperman / Scott Leadready II / Scott Manly-Manning (voice)

Kelsey Grammer Photo
Kelsey Grammer

Dr. Ivan Krank (voice)

Shaun Fleming Photo
Shaun Fleming

Leonard Amadeus Helperman (voice)

Debra Jo Rupp Photo
Debra Jo Rupp

Mrs. Mary Lou Moira Angela Darling Helperman (voice)

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